Why do we need to hire professional wedding planners?

For the wedding planners the most arduous task is choosing and finalizing the right wedding venue. The right wedding venue will definitely add the best credentials to a marriage function as it involves people.

Even though selecting a venue the first take, it’s also the most difficult. There’s a lot to think about and a lot riding on your choice. Here are the variables you should consider when choosing a venue.

·         Cost (and your budget)

Your venue will take up a significant portion of your budget, but it can’t eat your whole budget. You’ll still have to buy food, decoration, supplies, and maybe entertainment and staff.

Fortunately, you have some leeway with your event venue’s cost if you’re willing to be flexible with the date of your event. Get prices from venues for different times of the week, month and year.

  • Ambiance and mood

Creating an atmosphere that relates to your marriage theme and appeals to your audience is a critical part of setting up an engaging event. Modifying or decorating a venue is expensive, so it’s smart to choose one that already aligns with your theme and executable by the wedding planning company in Kolkata.

·         Capacity and size

Every building is limited by the number of people who can occupy it at any time. Some rooms are limited as well. Before you start sending invitations, it’s important to make sure the venue can legally and comfortably accommodate your guest list.

Will your guests be able to move freely through the venue space without any uncomfortable hindrances on their movement? How big does the space feel? Is it cozy and comfortable? Is it open and spacious?

  • Access to Wifi

A strong Internet connection throughout the venue is absolutely critical these days. Your attendees will expect to be able to check their email, text their friends and family, and post to social media throughout your event, especially if it takes place over several days. Make sure the venue has an excellent Wifi connection that’s strong throughout the entire space.

  • Parking

Parking is a deciding factor for many people. Ideally, your venue should have some parking arrangements, even if access requires an additional fee. If parking is important for your guests, choose a venue that has their own lot/garage or a venue where parking space can be secured nearby.

·         Acoustics and sound

If the sound in the venue is too low or too loud, your attendees will become unengaged and bored. No one wants to cram up front to hear the speaker or have to shout over the volume to chat with their friends.

A venue with poor acoustics isn’t worth your time, no matter the price. Low ceilings amplify sound. Huge open spaces create echoes. Find a venue with a good balance. Test it out if you have to. Hire the best wedding venue management company in Kolkata, as their experience in these matters are invaluable.

·         Location

Location is an important concern because it can influence who attends your event (attendees and speakers). If your venue is in an undesirable location or too far from transport systems (like airports), you’ll limit the number of people who show up. Your venue’s location should be easy to find and not arduous to reach. There should be easily accessible information to help attendees find the venue.

  • How will traffic flow throughout your event?
  • Do you anticipate any popular attractions? Where would those be located?
  • Is there adequate space for open mingling?
  • Where will the bar setup? Is there enough room?
  • If a stage isn’t available, can one be set up?
  • Do people have to walk long distances to reach rooms or attractions?
  • Where are the emergency exits?
  • Where will guests register or check in?
  • Where audio and video equipment should be stationed?

These are some of the most important considerations when booking a wedding venue and these require utmost focus to make a wedding successful.

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