Why are destination weddings becoming so popular in India?

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Indians by nature love to have a grand and elaborate wedding. For us, a wedding is a festival with so many parts to it like Sagai, Sangeet, Haldi, Wedding and the Reception.

Destination weddings are becoming popular in India for the well-heeled and affluent as they feel they need to celebrate their wedding festival along with their friends and families in an exotic location to make them recapitulate this wonderful time for the rest of their life.

For wedding planners from any city in India, arranging a destination wedding is also lucrative. There are a lot of destination wedding service providers in Kolkata who operate as professional corporate entities and they do a fine job from here.

  • Destination weddings add color, fun, grandeur, and gaiety to a wedding along with great comfort and luxury.
  • Organizing a destination wedding is beneficial for both the families as everything on the wedding comes under one platform.
  • In a destination wedding much of the logistics, stay, dining, and arrangement of the ceremonies can be organized by the venue partner themselves, thereby taking the load off from the wedding parties. In most cases, the wedding planner has a prior business tie-up with the destination venue partner like a holiday resort, or a 5-star luxury hotel.
  • A destination wedding ensures greater understanding and bonding of the bride’s family and the groom’s family and their friends.
  • A destination wedding usually takes place in an exotic holiday location which enables everybody attending the wedding to have a relaxed holiday mood while attending the celebrations with all its religious protocols.
  • Destination weddings give a tremendous style element to the wedding. It allows photographers and videographers a lot of opportunities to create a memorable canvas and content for the wedding file. It gives a creative edge to their efforts to capture the same as a dream event.
  • There is ample scope of entertainment for the guests as well as the wedding parties to organize theme parties and musical soirees.

A destination wedding is best handled by an experienced wedding planning company from any city in India like that of Kolkata, otherwise, it can become a humongous task if the wedding parties are to organize the same all by themselves.

The best is to hand over the same plan to a professional agency or a company that can organize it on a turnkey basis.

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