Why a wedding planner must be a master of all trade?

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A wedding planner must be able to put in the shoes of an excellent all-rounder for varied reasons. He is the most trusted person who should always guide the bride, bridegroom, family, and friends. He is the sole person who along with his team can manage a whole wedding as per the requirement and taste of his clients and in the budget as allocated to him.
In our city, the role of a wedding planner is becoming very important as a lot of new generation families and the, to be married couple wants their marriage to be a one-lifetime memorable event, managed professionally by experts with seamless perfection. There is a lot of good wedding planning and Management Company in Kolkata; however, the ones that are the best have certain qualities which are necessary for all wedding management companies.

• A wedding planner should be a veritable treasure trove of information on the subject of arranging a wedding.
• He should have a thorough knowledge of the various religions and their customs, as Indian marriages are also religious and social functions.
• He must have the required etiquette and should be capable of managing all parties – brides, grooms, and even their families and friends.
• He should be capable of organizing the marriage event within the allocated budget.
• He must have an eye for details, should be able to visualize and be imaginative.
• He should also have a mature mind capable of making good judgments, with loads of patience and capabilities to handle situations well.
• One of his strong capabilities is to remain calm in the face of adversities and should have strong communication and convincing potential to manage any situation.
• He and his team should have all the contacts of the florists, photographers, decorators, caterers, musical bands, and logistics people for transportation and venue people.
• The wedding planner and his team should also be master negotiators and should be extremely good money managers.
• They need to highly organized, articulate and excellent networkers to get things done.

An event planner does not work in unison; he or she is known for his or her team and their performance. Just like any other event management company. Any top wedding planning and management company dons the cap of an expert in a city like Kolkata and adds their artistic, creative and humane approach to their clients, as they have been known to give their support to the emotional requirements of the bride and her family and also to that of the bridegroom.

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