Who We Are

A Journey started a long ago…

It’s been ages; our company has set its foot in this industry and created a long-lasting impression in the minds of people along time back.
Initially We started our journey as a Light & Decorators Company at Midnapore by our ancestorsduring 90’s when there was no such concept of Event Management.
After lots of ups and down during 2010, We came up with Event Planning and Management Company at Kolkata with upgraded thoughts of Event Management and Planning.

From the last Financial Year 2017 this company has come up with New Attire, New Approach, New Vision, New Thoughts, New Initiatives and obviously with a New Name i.e. HINDUSTHAN EVENT. We have a greater perspective this year onwards but with the same Love and Passion.

We have always tried our Best to make an Event Management company with a separate kind of values that separates us from others.

How are we different from others?

  • In Event Management Sector we have an experience of 30 Years, expertise of more than 20 years.
  • We pride ourselves on being passionate, diligent and innovative with our solutions.
  • Above all we listen to your needs and deliver them on time – always with the aim of exceeding your expectations.
  • We take events personally. We have the contacts, the skills, the experience and the style to make any event happen. We have collaboration with Media House.
  • The fact we can organise anything from product launches and summer camp to Birthday Party and Marriage Party.

The database of venues we have at our fingertips – from Royal Palaces and Private Townhouses to dungeons and yachts.


Our Prospect

  • We create your vision to reality…
  • Multiple Services under Single Roof.
  • We always value your thoughts and moments.
  • We think, propose, plan, make blueprints, determine time logs and execute.
  • We never walk on Imaginations and never think after Execution.


  • We have our own set up of everything from lights and sound boxes to stage decoration material to chairs with cushions.
  • It’s an old company with an experience of more than three decade.
  • Our hospitality solution is the best thing to compliment around.


  • Our main Motto is to serve our customers with great satisfaction and with complete reliability.


  • To spread the Corporate Office to all the Top Cities in India and abroad.
  • To spread 5 sub wings in Event areasthat will be unique and innovative in nature.
  • Our vision for the future is to include likeminded individuals into our company.

Event Launching Program

Wedding Bell has launched its company in the Annual Function of HINDUSTHAN in June at Santragachi in Howrah.