What points to consider when planning for a destination wedding?

There’s something special about getting married in that far-flung destination where your partner proposed, against a backdrop of mountains or in the sand someplace tropical. As gorgeous as these locales are, don’t forget the legwork that goes into planning a destination wedding.

The timing of your ceremony, the weather at the location, and guests’ availability to travel are all concerns every couple planning a destination wedding has to consider. But with a little know-how, you can plan a memorable getaway for you and your guests. Hire the best Destination wedding company in Kolkata who can do a turnkey job.

Follow these tips to help you pull off a destination wedding to remember.

1. Pick the Perfect Spot

Your wedding location determines not only the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beach), but also the travel, time and budget required to pull it off. Your wedding elements—not just location, but also activities and overall vibe—should say something about your shared style and passions so that your guests head home from your wedding weekend feeling elated and extremely happy.

2. Time It Right

Unfortunately, the best weather in popular vacation destinations tends to correlate with tourist season, when there are typically more crowds, fewer hotel and venue availabilities, and higher rates all around. If you’re planning a destination wedding during this peak time, book your venue and reserve your room blocks as soon as possible. Get the best destination wedding service providers in Kolkata.

3. Give Everyone a Heads-Up

Inform your guest in advance for them to make their visit plans beforehand. Besides those VIPs, it’s also a good idea to give the rest of your guest list plenty of notice so they can get the best deals on flights and accommodations before prices skyrocket.

4. Take a Trip

Take at least one planning trip and if you can swing it, two or three is ideal. On the first trip, you’ll need to scout and secure your key venues—ceremony and reception spaces, hotels for guests, a rehearsal dinner venue—and local suppliers such as caterers, florists and photographers. Hire the best Destination wedding company in Kolkata who can do a complete job from the scratch to the finish.

5. Factor in the Extra Expenses

If done right, a destination wedding can cost no more—and maybe even less—than hosting the same party at home. Keep in mind you may choose to fly in certain vendors, in which case you’ll have to pay for their travel and accommodations too. So make a budget that’s realistic and factors in all of these extra costs. 

6. Get Help

If you’re hosting a wedding in a distant locale, you will need to entrust at least part of the planning to someone else’s capable hands. But if you prefer to go with a planner from back home, make sure they have experience planning weddings in your chosen destination and expect to cover his or her transportation costs for planning visits and the actual wedding.

7. Be Patient

Don’t keep a constant eye on the clock. Remember that many tropical islands run on “island time”—things happen when they happen—so don’t mistake a vendor’s laid-back attitude for incompetence. Avoid the temptation to micromanage from afar. Instead, schedule regular check-ins and then trust your vendors to work their magic. Hire the best destination wedding service providers in Kolkata.

9. Choose Vendors Carefully

While you can view vendors’ portfolios online and check references, it’s especially important that you’re comfortable with all your vendors. You’ll be leaving a lot in their hands, so it’s important you trust those hands are capable. That’s why we strongly suggest making at least one planning trip to meet with potential vendors. Bring pros you trust from home to handle critical aspects such as the wedding photography, hair and makeup, and design (lighting, flowers), and even work with local vendors in a supervisory capacity to avoid any communication mishaps.

10. Make Guests Feel Welcome

Your friends and family are eager to celebrate with you, and creating a wedding website will make it easy for them to find all the important details in one place—like group rates for flights and hotel rooms—how to get to and from the airport, a list of nearby activities they can do on their own and an itinerary of the weekend’s events, like the rehearsal or welcome dinner and next-day brunch. Upon arrival, deliver welcome bags to their rooms, full of essentials for the trip, like sunscreen, water and bug spray.

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