What are points that need consideration in case of planning for an engagement or a wedding?

“Every love story is beautiful, but yours should be unique”.

A tagline quite well thought after, however impaired by the present considerations, due to the Global Pandemic. This is largely because so many weddings and engagements have been impacted due to social distancing mandates. While this has all quickly become our new normal, we are seeing new plans in even more creative ways to make wedding events super hit.

Talking about managing a wedding event successfully in this city, Wedding Bell is one of the very best wedding event management companies in Kolkata. The ideas which come from them are the best and lucrative in all respects.

  • Pre wedding planning – Engagement announcement and wedding party selection

Come up with a fun way to announce your engagement virtually (after announcing to immediate family/friends of course). Then share it on your social media pages or via email. There are tons of challenges going around social media right now that you can use.

Once you have selected who will be in your wedding party, invite them to a special Zoom virtual happy hour. Make it fun by asking them to have their favorite champagne, wine, cocktail, or sparkling cider ready. If you want to go all out, find companies in your area that are offering deliveries on beverages. Or better yet, create and deliver your own customized “happy hour box” for each person, based on their personality.


If you do go all out with a “happy hour box”, be sure to instruct your recipients not to indulge, at least until the virtual meeting takes place. Then you can ask them to be in your wedding, and enjoy drinks together as you would have done if social distancing was not a thing!

  • Gathering inspiration and memorabilia for your wedding day

Start compiling inspirations to help you create the overall style and vision for your big day (i.e. wedding dress, venue, floral arrangements, cakes, etc.).

If you are looking for venue ideas, ask friends and family, especially if they are engaged or recently married. You can also look through local wedding magazines, blogs, and social media for ideas.

While you may not be able to physically visit a venue right now, note that some venues are offering virtual tours where the sales associate can walk you through the event space via Google, YouTube, Skype, etc.

You can also start looking for engagement photo shoot ideas (location, attire, and poses). Take a trip down memory lane by looking through and compiling pictures of each other over the years. You can use these on your wedding as a slideshow on your wedding day. Lastly, start working on your songs list (i.e. favorite songs and must play songs). Trust me your future DJ will thank you for this!

  • Researching and booking your wedding planner

Start researching wedding organizer that you need to book in advance. They are experts who can manage your entire wedding on a turnkey basis (i.e. for taking care of wedding caterers, floral designs, photographers, etc.). Trust me they are just as excited to speak with you during this time as they miss being absorbed with all things wedding related.

If you are considering working with a wedding event organizer, you should know the value of hiring a planner before any other vendor. A wedding planner can help you navigate the big decisions you have to make such as budget and venue. Plus the earlier you hire a planner, the more time and money they can save you with your other vendors.

Use this time to research wedding planners in your area and start interviewing them. This will help you narrow down the right planner that understands your vision, and that you emotionally connect with. Then you can work together to gather your perfect wedding vendors that will collectively bring your wedding vision to life!

Wedding Bell is one of the finest wedding planning and Management Company in Kolkata, with their resources and logistical strength and ideas, they can present the best wedding management solutions in your city.

Hope you implement some of these tips to keep the excitement going during COVID-19. Remember this is the start of your lives together. You deserve to relish in it and be celebrated, so don’t let our current circumstance take your joy away!

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