Wedding makes their dream come true

A wedding ceremony is usually a special event in one’s life. Marriage allows you to share your thoughts and emotions when other expressions of your feelings may fall short.

The above line goes perfectly well when we talk about Mr and Mrs Dhanija couple. The duo embodied perfection, and their chemistry was breathtaking. They decided to give their relationship a name through marriage, and their family supported them. They came to us at Wedding Bell and shared their wedding dream.

Making the wedding grand and magnificent was on their wish list, but no proper plan came true. But we are glad that we mustered up the courage and planned the event accordingly. We made clear communication with the members of the Dhanija couple regarding all the occasions and setups that need to be implemented. We have ensured a hassle-free marriage and asked them to relax due to undue stress that will affect their health.

They had dreamt of a destination wedding in Puri. As a destination wedding specialist, we packed up our wedding setup and arrived at the spot three days in advance. The venue was already finalized, and so we looked around the place to sort out according to their dreams. The wedding ceremony was for three days, so we decided to decorate the ground and surroundings with different themes.

From time immemorial, many rituals and ceremonies related to marriage are much engaging. The Dhanija couple followed the customs religiously and celebrated splendidly with their close family members. We felt blessed to be a part of those occasions.

The first day was the ring ceremony. After receiving the guests of the Dhanija family from the station, we dropped them off at the venue. We had chosen a specific clothing style and colour for both men and women according to the theme.

Exchanging of the rings at the wedding is not just a symbol of being a husband and a wife, but it represents their eternal love and everlasting fidelity to each other. We made the event even attractive by setting our theme at the Ring ceremony. We even named the occasion to honour their love.

The second day had some entertainment. There was a beach party on the beach with a completely different environment, and we arranged accordingly. Mehndi followed later, and the day ended with a stylish cocktail party. We set up the theme of the event and selected the color and style of clothing.

The last day was crucial. Haldi was the occasion that illuminated the bride and groom on their special day. Our decor was full of yellow flowers and petals and made the place shiny. A reception was arranged for the night.

As a destination wedding, the Dhanija family invited very few guests and more loved ones because they know the value of the joy of spending time with loved ones and the importance of small things. The couple was very excited, and they were smiling now and then.

Without the stress of layouts of events, guests, decorations, and food, we had woven the love story of the Dhanija couple into a grand and memorable wedding.

As an event planner, we focus on the delicate emotions and joyful moments that truly bring out the real essence of the wedding. We are in the business of preserving memories.

The most important aspect of the wedding was that the guests present were their well-wishers. The events were long, but the couple and their family members had enjoyed every moment.

The mother of the bride expressed that she was excited about the way things turned out because they were able to focus on the right things. There was no stress about anything, and the marriage will be remembered forever.

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