Wedding decorations

Indian Weddings Decorations have surpassed the typical standards of hangings &drapes and clichéd floral arrangements a long time back. Wedding decorators have brimmed up with creative minds of curating unique and fresh trends and have evolved a lot over the years.

Simple Indian Wedding Decoration ideas have undoubtedly been taken a notch higher, from the tiniest of elements of the decor to centring it around a set theme entirely.


One of the fanciest highlights of wedding décor would be suspending Wild flowers, Paper Lanterns, Chandeliers or Lampshades from ceilings of different shapes and sizes above tables, especially in tips, marquees, tents and yurts add height and interest to a room.

Setting a sofa against a floral backdrop on a carpeted stage or Flower walls are the perfect wedding photo backdrop and quickly add so much beauty to a venue. A little bit of fabric, some ribbon and a sprig of foliage on the chairs can completely change the look of them.

Balloons decorations are amazing to bring a simple space to events or floral hoops have fairy-tale charm as they are playful, whimsical and truly breath-taking when done right. Even having a serving area for hosting signature cocktails, a bar creates a statement focal point.

Photographs, candles, cupcakes, glasses of champagne, flowers, initial letters, even blankets at a winter wedding, fairy lights are such an easy way to transform both the inside and outside of your venue.

Whether it is latest Indian wedding stage decorations or enchanting classic theme wedding stage decoration ideas with phenomenal decor elements, we’ve got it all covered.


From rustic wedding decorations to floral installations to Moroccan-style lounge areas, vintage bikes, lanterns to neon signs; there are so many amazing touches you can add to make it personal to you.

Wedding Bell is one of the top wedding planner for making those exquisite and fancy wedding stages and decorations; and we would love to incorporate them at your wedding.