The story of fulfilling the dream of an innocent girl


January 1, 2020



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Kriti, a lovely girl decided to marry her husband in a splendid and pompous way. So her mother connected with our event manager and shared Kriti’s all wishes and requested us to fulfil them circumstantially. After hearing her wedding dream we had decided to give our best to make her wedding the talk of the invitees.

Since the first day we got the responsibility from her family, we started working on it. Our team discussed with them about their planning and budget. We shared some of our ideas and decided to design accordingly.

Kriti’s parents were much tensed and busy, so we found out the venue and show them. After their confirmation, we went there before the wedding day and decided to execute our plan. Our designing team designed the place in such a way that it looked like a fairytale.

Our setup of premium lights and high-quality sound systems made the marriage ceremony more attractive and glamorous. We decorated the entrance gate, stage, floor, walls with flowers, and ribbons. We have also decorated places where the bride and the groom were sitting, the chairs and tables, the food place, and the “Mandap” traditionally. We arranged for a DJ with a magnificent outlook.

An idol of Lord Ganesha was set up as a symbol of good health and fortune at the entrance gate. Our welcome girls welcome the guests with roses and sweets. The engaging thing we made for the guests was the Selfie counter, which was greatly appreciated by them. We put tight securities and looked after the belongings of the guests without fail. We even decorated their house with lights and flowers from the day before the wedding.

Kriti was so happy and was looking very beautiful at her wedding. So we decided to surprise her with her favourite flavoured cake on her special day to make it even more special and memorable. We even presented all the guests with a return gift that also within the budget.

People enjoyed and appreciated every minute detail we focused on the wedding. Not only the family members, but the guests were also amazed after seeing the decorations and complimented us. We felt blessed when the eldest member of the family got happy and danced on the tune of the songs.

With satisfaction and zero complaints, we wished Kriti a good future in her in-laws home.


Beautiful property

Beautiful property. Our guests were awestruck. Also, I was extremely happy and impressed with their overall service and hospitality.

Akshit Kumar

getting married on 05/12/2020

Stunning and flawless venue

It was a very nice experience with this venue and it was worth hosting the functions here. The food, decor and arrangements, all was pretty amazing.

Vikas Srivastava

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