Routine to follow the night before the wedding? We got you covered

At Wedding Bell, we understand the stress and the struggle you go through to pull every aspect of a marriage off. Right from after you got engaged, you have been preparing yourself with your hair and skin for the big day. But as the D-day nears, there are a few things you need to ensure are already a part of your hair and beauty routine already. As it gets to the main day, be sure to include the following steps.


  • New Products are a big No-No!


In case the new product doesn’t suit your skin, it might lead to skin damage. Hence, it is always recommended to not out on any new makeup or new product on your skin before the D-day. You don’t want any unexpected breakout in your skin in your precious day, right?


  • Exfoliation is the key


Gentle scrubbing and exfoliation of dead skin is necessary to bring up the glowing skin underneath. You can try exfoliating mitt or simply a scrub. 

Tip: Do not rub the scrub too hard on your skin or it may irritate your skin.


  • Pamper your hair


Ever considered a hair mask? If you haven’t, you should. And if you get enough time, consider getting your hair washed professionally. Hair which isn’t washed freshly holds styles better. Therefore, it is suggested to wash your hair a day prior to the wedding. 


  • Moisturise and moisturise


Be sure to apply enough amount of moisturiser after you hop out of the shower. Do not forget to moisturise your hands and feet as well. Moisturising feet will help to reduce the chances of blisters.

Tip: Use a moisturiser with collagen, it helps in improving the skin quality.


  •  Keep yourself hydrated


Water helps your skin look revitalized and also makes you feel fresh. Hence, do not forget to drink plenty of water.


  • Make sure you keep up your eye treatment routine


Planning a wedding can be stress, we get it. It might also lead to a loss of sleep. But, to take care of sore eyes, a nightly application of under eye cream can help a great deal.


  • Lastly, sleep well


Investing in silk sheets and pillow cases will not just help you on your big day but throughout your life. It helps you remain youthful and also helps to reduce frizzy hair. After all, you want to feel fresh on the Big Day!


There’s no hard and fast rule to look beautiful and flawless. But following these easy steps will help you achieve your look easily. The Wedding Bell ensures that every aspect of your wedding goes flawlessly. Hence, with any wedding related issues, feel free to hit them up and have a good chat with the founders while they help you out with your trouble. Wedding Bell, being one of the best wedding event management company in Kolkata, is here to take care of all your D-day needs.

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