Make an exclusive bridal entry

An entry of a bride until the wedding stage carries a memorable experience. A wedding looks more glamorous and attractive when the bride gets an exclusive entry surrounded by the guests. It sets the entire ambiance in the ceremony.
Hence, giving a powerful and banged entrance to the bride will give the wedding a new decor as guests also wait for the arrival of the bride eagerly. Surprise your guests with some great and exciting bridal entries.
Wedding Bell, the best wedding planner in Kolkata, came with some fabulous entry ideas to make your wedding the talk of the town amongst your invitees.
1. Sprinkle Flowers – An entry gets pleasant when the bride was welcomed by showering flower petals on them. The bride would walk on a bed of flowers till the stage.
2. Palki Ride – With a royal touch, bring the bride in a palanquin or palki. An entry like a queen in a palki carried by her brothers or cousins would make great memories.
3. Dance Entry – Make an impressive entry by dancing over a film song. It would give a fantastic feeling like that in movies and would be entertaining for your guests as well.
4. Fire Crackers – Welcome the bride by lighting smoke bombs, cracking firecrackers on roads. Explode shells on the sky with the name of the wedding couple would create a memorable experience.
5. Set a DJ – Ask your DJ to create a rocking environment with a fusion of rock music during the bridal entry. It would make the guests to groove along with the music.
These regal entries will surely allure enough to your guests and last a lifetime memory.
Wedding Bell, the best event management company in Kolkata, organizes wedding events from initiation to conception to completion and lived up to their name within the set budget. They take pride in providing out of the box entry ideas with limitless imagination to turn your experience into lasting memories.

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    Ziemniak Uprawa
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