How has COVID-19 impacted the Wedding Management Companies?


The COVID-19 Pandemics has resulted in incurring quite heavy losses for all the important sectors and industries. One of the most heavily affected industries also can be considered to be the Wedding Management Industries or like companies that deal with the task of organizing and planning wedding ceremonies. So, the entire wedding management industry has got affected due to this Pandemic, like all the other existing industries. In terms of the efficiency of these industries too, the companies dealing with such kinds of activities of organizing different types of events have suffered a setback.

All those agencies working on wedding management or the wedding planning and management companies in Kolkata are looking towards changing their mode of work in some of the cases as well. In many cases, the consultants and wedding management professionals have even stressed the fact that their businesses were suffering some shortcomings like the time of post-2014 months. Some of them were also of the opinion that they started trying hard to make a u-turn in the middle of the second half of the 2020s. But unfortunately, since 2021 beginning months of January and February the orders for wedding ceremonies were quite less in numbers. Henceforth all the clients shifted their order way down into November, those who had placed their orders in May.

Also among them, there was another professional manager of a Wedding Management Company who also shared the same experience. He also claimed that there was a similar instance he had to face as well, where around 80 to 90 percent of the wedding ceremonies were either cancelled or postponed due to the outbreak of the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India which came to a deep shock for many of the industries in this country. Thus, now also, the government had fixed a timeframe and had numbered the total guests to 25 who could be invited to be a part of a wedding ceremony. So practically speaking, how could have it been possible for a well-equipped and organized wedding management company to organize a wedding ceremony with just only several 25 guests.

Also like the case of the Indian wedding ceremonies are concerned, where we are not used to be in a place in between just 25 to 50 guests, but around hundreds of them! So in terms of thinking from those points as well, it is not desired and possibly even. In that case, the top wedding planning and management companies in Kolkata have to work in a manner to get some orders. Or even they might have to wait for a turn to come when they can get their opportunity to serve or organize a wedding or even get hold of a good opportunity.

However, in that respect, some of the wedding managers and organizers are also planning to make a capacity and a platform whereby to sustain their business they can conduct such small wedding ceremonies with a fewer number of people.