How are wedding planners prepared to host wedding ceremonies with maintaining COVID protocols?

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The COVID-19 Pandemics have indeed left back a deep scar in many business industries of the countries, many of the companies are trying to revive, and some have even closed down due to an acute shortage of funds and resources too. But at the same time, when it comes to the aspect of organizing a wedding, the wedding management companies have to work very carefully and abide by all the steps and guidelines that are quite necessary and are at par with the directions which are being provided by the government.

So, when it comes to abiding by the COVID protocols there is a very important task that the wedding planning companies in Kolkata have to work and bide by. Thus, in terms of management and planning the wedding planners are trying to leave no stone unturned with preparing themselves to manage the roadmap which they plan regarding ensuring all safety guidelines of COVID-19. So, in this blog, all the major conditions relating to the preparation and management of COVID will be discussed, and how the wedding planners are organizing themselves to work under such conditions will also be focused upon.

As fresh guidelines are being constantly issued by the governments in the states and the center, a lot of track and balance has to be maintained in that respect. The past 2 waves of the COVID-19 Pandemic which has struck India had left a deep impact as a whole. Many ceremonies and plans which event organizers had to work upon were either being canceled or postponed later on to an appropriate date. But in general, if we speak of the basic protections that needs to be taken at such a time when one plans a wedding at this time, then certain factors that must be followed are like;

  • When hosts think of booking a hotel or resort or even a banquet, there must be better security in terms of checking that masks are being used by every single attendant or guest who is present in the venue.
  • Thermal-scanning of temperatures of all the guests, which must be ensured at the doorstep.
  • Use of gloves or caps and face-shields by the waiters, security, staff, and others like sweepers, etc. must be compulsory at every step.
  • There must also be legal permission that the wedding planning and any kind of event management companies should seek from the local authorities regarding the approval as it has been made a rule in many of the states, regarding every single detail like the number of guests who will come, the number of staffs who will be present and working in the venue and other details.
  • Lastly, either being negatively tested or having both doses of vaccination complete, must be ensured as a compulsion on behalf of all the wedding companies in Kolkata.

So, these are some of the guidelines that must abide by the wedding planners, if they wish to conduct a wedding during this post-COVID time.