Get over wedding planning stress- follow these steps

In case you are thinking that this is going to be another hectic tutorial, fret not because it isn’t. We want to help you with every part of what seems impossible. Hence, the team of Wedding Bell has come up with a list of things to eat and drink to reduce wedding planning stress. So, for all you beautiful brides out there, are you ready to dive further in?

  • Hydrate

To ensure proper hydration, you can have purified or alkaline water. Last minute toxins are something you would like to excuse yourself from, hence hydration is the utmost priority.

  • Detox your body

Speaking of detox, the team of Wedding Bell from their wide and vast experience, recommends detox water for the brides. It helps to keep stress at bay because of the presence of herbal and fruit blends. It also helps in sharpening your mind. Cucumber if the favourite of the house.

  • Green and Herbal Tea

Did we say how beneficial tea is when it comes to stress management and detoxification? Well, the presence of ample amounts of antioxidants gives your body a jolt of energy while lowering the rate of release of energy.

  • Dark Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate only a few will not be in the same page with the idea of having it. But trust us when we say this, dark chocolate or chocolate covered walnuts provides you with the combo of cocoa vitamins and antioxidants with healthy fat and omega 3.  

  • Green Leafy veggies

Veggies are a lifesaver, truly. While spinach can go in any given thing, the green leafy veggies can help your body to produce more amount of mood regulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

Wedding Bell not only plans your wedding but also manages your extravaganzas. Hence whatever the matter is, do not hesitate to hit them up. Because no matter how stressful weddings can get, the moments should always be cherished. Wedding Bell, being the best wedding event management company in Kolkata, takes care of all your wedding related needs.

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