Follow these hacks to ensure a smooth wedding

wedding is a dream come true for most of us. And at Wedding Bell, we work hard to make sure that every part of this beautiful dream becomes a reality. Finding the right thing and the right setting can be both time taking and expensive. In this blog, we are going to learn about some wedding hacks that will help you to plan a hassle-free wedding.


  • Try the Flowers

Planning for a photo booth? Try flower walls instead. They not only look trendy but also make amazing backdrops. 


  • Venue decor

In case the pre-existing of your venue doesn’t make you happy, you can always cover it all up using different lengths of fabric. This also gives you the ultimate control to the pattern, colour and opacity of the fabric.


  • Add that Vase

We know that floral arrangement constitute a huge part of overall decoration and a unique way of styling them is by using them in vases of different kind. You can incorporate quirky elements and put flowers in them to make them look fun yet beautiful. 


  • Naming

To add a little bit of quirk which is also helpful for your guest never goes out of style. You can use chalkboard paint to add special labels to your glasses for your guests to write their names on it so that no one drinks from the wrong glass anymore.

Wedding Bell, being one of the best wedding event management company of Kolkata, makes every effort to make your wedding day the most incredible and memorable day of your life. And using these easy hacks, you can surely make a perfect day come true.

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