Add these Reception ideas to you list for an amazing experience!

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There must have been times when you are at this wedding and thought to yourself, “I wish I did these at my wedding”?

In case if you did, then the days of building sandcastles in the air is over. Because we, at Wedding Bell have brought to you a bunch of solid ideas that can turn your reception night an unforgettable night of your life. So let’s dive right into it?


  • Dance the night away!

Is any wedding even complete without a dance floor? It isn’t. Make sure your venue has a specific space that can act as the party central.  


  • What’s the song?

While you send out the invitation card, leave a blank space for the guests asking them to mention a song of their choice which will be played in the wedding. In this way, everyone will end up dancing at some point of time because the playlist is curated by them.


  • Quiz it!

You can leave quiz cards on the tables of your guests to take part in a fun quiz about the newlyweds. To raise the stakes, you get a prize for whoever wins the quiz. 


  • Mandatory sweet servings

Putting up a sweet parlour in your wedding reception is a great way to spice up the wedding extravaganza. You can even add a personal touch to this idea by choosing the sweets which has special significance to you and your special one.


  • Say cheese!

Photographs are the best ideas to keep all the memories alive. You can arrange for a special area where all the guests can click silly pictures and get them printed. You can even arrange for fun props to use during clicking of photos.

Wedding Bell is the type of company where every employee takes charge of every single event happening in your wedding to make it much more than just a successful affair. Hence, when it comes to marriage, think Wedding Bell, the best wedding event management company in Kolkata.

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